Even though we are now past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, this is still timely information!

According to recent research, post-menopausal women who have type 2 diabetes have a 20-27 percent increased risk of breast cancer.

Since the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, I want to share one more reason why you want to stick to your goal to reverse your diabetes!  Another great reason to reverse diabetes is to lower the risk of cancer.   Not many things are more frightening than hearing the diagnosis of cancer.  Even though the survival rate of women with breast cancer is getting higher all the time, going through chemotherapy, radiation, and the side effects of antiestrogen drugs is anything but pleasant.  Besides the pain and discomfort involved, the nearly daily treatment regime stops your regular life for a year or more!   So no one wants to the frightening news from their doctor, “You have cancer.”

Cancer cells thrive on sugar!  When there is extra sugar stored in our bodies like it does in type 2 diabetes, there is food for cancer cells.  Perhaps this is one reason diabetes increases the risk of cancer.  No one can promise you that anything you do will avoid that diagnosis.  However, it makes sense to do the things we know to build health– especially the importance of living the lifestyle that will reduce insulin levels.

Recent studies have shown links between diabetes and breast cancer as well as high insulin and breast cancer.  High insulin and type 2 diabetes go hand in hand.  Once your insulin goes down, your type 2 diabetes will be reversed and you will lower your risk of breast cancer.  Your insulin will go down when you eat a low carb high fat diet.

Once you start your journey with a low-carb, high fat diet; your waistline with shrink rapidly, your energy will increase, and you will have the satisfaction of know you are doing the best thing you can to decrease the risk of breast cancer. 

Since we have the potential to create cells that are not healthy and could become cancerous, we need our body’s detox systems to be working well to eliminate unhealthy cells. Eating a low carb, high fat diet causes the body to create ketones which can be used efficiently for fuel by our healthy cells and yet cannot be utilized by cancer cells.  So it makes good sense to live the lifestyle that is being shown to help your body create ketones.          

In this time when there is so much uncertainty, a little peace of mind goes a long way.   Keeping your metabolic health strong reduces the risk of breast cvancer. You can be yout body’s own best friend by caring for yourself with a healthy diet and exercise program.

Getting started on a healthy lifestyle can be hard. Perhaps what you is a good coach. Consider signing up for Dr Helser’s coaching designed to help you reverse your type 2 diabetes.