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As a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr Carolyn Helser has diagnosing and prescribing rights as a Primary Care physician.  Dr Helser has helped patients strengthen their immune systems, by teaching them how to manage their health and blood sugar levels with a few simple lifestyle changes.  Besides extra training and certification on managing diabetes, Dr Helser has advanced training in nutrition and supplements, thyroid disease and adrenal stress management, healing through herbal medicine, and how to use mind-body therapies to aid in healing.

With her belief and understanding that our health and wellbeing depends on our understanding of and our living a few simple laws of health, Dr Helser knows that no matter our age, we can feel well and productive! 

In her spare time, Dr Helser enjoys hiking, reading about health, and playing games with her grandchildren.  Her motto for life is: “There are two kinds of people in the world—those that are my friends and those that I don’t know yet.”

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Simple, effective ways to manage your lifestyle and your diet that allow's your body to naturally lower your sugar levels while still enjoying a delicious array of healthy foods ... without giving up the things you love.  

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