You can make it happen!  Start Today!

Does it feel like you are out of control? People have told me they are tired of being overweight, feeling fatigued, and are discouraged and feeling powerless do anything about it!  It is a human tendency to give up if we fall off the wagon–”I just can’t do this, so why try?” These are very normal feelings and attitudes.

Once you follow these steps to build new habits, you will feel a new confidence in yourself to accomplish anything you set your mind to.  You will start to wonder where all the new-found energy has come from.  Then all of a sudden, you will be making plans to go and do and to accomplish life-time dreams.  

Even though I have spent my life studying health and healing and have tried to do the best things I knew to build health, it was when I learned these steps to create good habits, that my happiness increased, my brain seemed to function better, and I started waking each morning with energy and a real zest for life!

In fact, I remember waking up one day and when I went outside I was certain the grass looked greener, the sky looked bluer, and all the world seemed a little brighter!  Each day I look around with gratitude for the beautiful world and the chance I have to live on the Earth!

Now to steps necessary to create these new habis:

  1.  Write a list of the reasons you want to reverse the diagnosis of prediabetes or diabetes.  Are you desirous of having the agility and energy to play with your children or grandchildren?  Do you want to do all you can to make sure you won’t need to go on insulin or other medications for that matter?  Have you always dreamed of travelling? The list could go on and on!  Please search your heart and see what it is that will motivate you.  Then write those things to keep visible all the time.
  1. Decide which habits will help you the most.  Here are some habits that will help you achieve your diabetic-free life:  Eat less than 20 carbs a day, a daily habit of 30 minutes of exercise, perhaps you need to eat more greens and vegetables.  Perhaps learning deep breathing exercises to lower stress would be a benefit to you.   If you will take a few minutes and sit quietly, you will come up with the right goals to set for yourself!
  1. Prioritize the habits you want to incorporate.  Which one or ones do you want to start with? My advice is:  Be careful to not try to do too much too soon.  Gaining one new habit at a time will help you make great progress.  
  1. Share your goal or goals with someone you can trust to be supportive and who will not inadvertently undermine your objectives!  For instance, a friend who says, “You’ve been so good for a week, one Krispy Kreme won’t hurt!” Instead, a good friend or cheerleader might say, “Come over to my house.  I will make us a nice salad!
  1. Look for positive reinforcement ideas and quotes for encouragement.  One of our favorites when I had teenagers in my home, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”  Then one week we had to add–”No, not even ice cream!”

Take these first simple steps today!  You can do it! You will bless your life and the lives of all in your circle of influence!

To get extra help with setting and keeping goals consider checking out a free coaching session with Dr Helser.