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A Six Week Program to Lower Your Blood Sugars
& Reversing Your Diabetes 

    What you will learn in this six- week program that will help you on your journey toward reversing your diabetes and living a long and fulfilling life!    

Set Realistic Goals

Week 1

How to set goals and how that can help you.  Get rid of old habits by creating new ones that will lead to an increase in energy, health, and happiness.  Decide now to reverse that diagnosis of diabetes!    

Diabetes is not your fault!

Week 2

How to transition to a diet that will support your health, cause your blood sugar level to return to pre-diabetic numbers, and increase your energy and your sense of well being.

Fat is Your Friend!

Week 3

Getting enough healthy fat into your diet will make all the difference in your success on this new program. 
Knowing what's healthy fat V bad fat is key. 

Sugar and its Many Names...

Week 4

Why it’s imperative to get sugar out of your diet, and indeed out of your house and out of your life!  There are so many different names for sugar that makes it difficult to know what's in your food and drinks. Learn them in this module.

Eat Less Often!

Week 5

You will have better glucose control, and you will increase your insulin sensitivity.  You can learn to enjoy that lean feeling.  The next meal will taste that much better when you master intermittent fasting and see the results.

Get off the Recliner ...

Week 6

Believe it or not, you will thank me!

This is your life! 
This is the time to realize your dreams and make them come true!

Your diabetes can be reversed.  Let's make it happen together!

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