Here are some great suggestions to help stay close to family and friends and still keep your healthy eating program!

Many people new to this healthier way of eating have agonized over how to handle parties with friends, family get togethers, or eating lunch with a business associate. There is also the stress of dealing with friends and family who think you are actually harming your health.  And then how do you eat out with friends or business associates?

Once you have incorporated these ideas into your life, you will have friends and family asking what it is you doing to create the vibrant health that will be visible to others,  Once you are comfortable with your healthy eating plan, you will actually have the confidence to walk in and tell others what you have been doing.  You will feel a part of the family and a part of your social groups.  You will once again feel free and comfortable to go into an eating establishment and order a low carb meal You will indeed be enjoying your life!

Here are 5 simple ideas that will help you navigate these new waters!

  1.  When you RSVP to an invitation, share with the hostess that you are on a special diet in order to rebuild your health or to lose weight or to manage your diabetes or whatever else you would like to tell the host or hostess. Let them know there may be things on the menu that will go against your eating plan.  It’s gracious to offer to bring a dish to share that you can eat and others may try your eating plan! So assure her that you don’t expect her to prepare a separate meal for you.
  1. Remind yourself before you go out  what your goals are.  Remember, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!” or as healthy feels or whatever will be a motivation to you.  Be liberal in sharing your eating program when people are interested.
  1. If there will be a close friend at the function before the event, ask him/her to back you  up in case there is an awkward moment.  If need be your special friend can remind you, “You can do this!”  It may not be easy but it will be worth it!
  1. Even though the food is rarely as healthy as the food you create at home, it is sometimes fun to go out to eat.  Ideas for a meal out:  a hamburger with lettuce, tomato, and onion instead of a bun;  you can always order vegetables either in the form of a salad or grilled or sauteed vegetables; Most any restaurant will make your salad or veggies and put shrimp, cheese, grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs on it!  So if your friends want to go for lunch you can go to a hamburger joint–just leave off the bun.  If they want breakfast, omelet and bacon, ham, or sausage are options.
  1. What about special occasions?  There are many desserts you can make at home that are made using low carb sugar substitutes including xylitol, monk fruit, erythritol, and or stevia.  Remember to save these treats for special occasions.  It is possible for anything sweet to raise your insulin.  So keep all sweets to a minimum.  We need to train our taste buds to enjoy the bitter taste which is great for our digestion. It’s great for us to get away from the sweet!

I can promise you from experience that you can make these changes and soon people will be asking you for your secrets!

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